Robin Wächtershäuser

Robin Wächtershäuser is a german photographer as well as composer and producer of film music, contemporary art music and electronic music. 



Robin Wächtershäuser was born in Wetzlar, Hessen. He studied Contemporary Composition/Contemporary Art Music in the Bachelor's programme with Hon. Prof. Claus Kühnl at Dr. Hoch's Conservatory in Frankfurt am Main. In November 2021 he completed his Master's degree in Contemporary Composition with Prof. Orm Finnendahl at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main. 


His work includes solo and ensemble works, electroacoustic compositions, orchestral pieces, sound installations as well as activities as a sound director and sound designer for musical and scenic projects. 


Parallel to composing art music, Robin Wächtershäuser is active as a composer and producer of film and advertising music.

In addition to various short films (mystery, horror, fairy tales), he has also scored several commercials, e.g. for BMW, TÜV Hessen, Fresenius, Casual Food and Karl Mayer.






In 2018, Robin Wächtershäuser was a fellow of the Richard Wagner Association.


Robin Wächtershäuser was invited to the Festival International Du Cinéma Fantastique 2020 in Menton, France, to be held in autumn 2020. Here, among other things, the short feature film "Ria" was preselected, for which the composer composed and produced an orchestral soundtrack. 

The composer was also nominated for this in the "Best Score" category at the Short Stop International Film Festival. 


In October 2020, Robin Wächtershäuser won the "Best Film Composer" award at the Independent Days Int. Filmfest for his score for the short film Ria. 


In December 2020, the artist was awarded the Creative Premium by Hessenfilm und Medien GmbH and the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts.