Below you will find some selected works of my contemporary classical music. A complete overview of my work can be found here.

Electroacoustic Live-Performance - for Pulsar Synthesis

An electroacoustic piece is performed using a self-programmed synthesiser based on so-called pulsar synthesis. The software generates many small impulses, the so-called pulsars, which are combined into new and sometimes complex textures and whose parameters are controlled live by the performer. 


Performer: Robin Wächtershäuser 

Euronymous - Tape for Stereophonic Speaker Setting

The piece "Euronymous" was created as part of the Reverse Engineering Seminar (Prof. Orm Finnendahl) at the HfMDK in the summer semester 2020. 

It was realised from various sound recordings and contains no electronic sound synthesis. Only techniques (albeit on a digital level) that were available to the composer Beatriz Ferreyra in the 1960s and 1970s were used to process the sounds. 

The title refers on the one hand to the ghostly creature from Greek mythology, and on the other hand to the guitarist of the band "Mayhem", whose song "Freezing Moon" is used in a special way in this piece.

Fraktur - Tape for Quadrophonic Speaker Setting

Fraktur is a piece of acousmatic music for quadraphonic loudspeaker set-up, which was realised entirely from a three-second recording of breaking ice by means of granular synthesis. This is still partly recognisable, but mostly sounds in a highly processed form and organic textures. The name Fraktur, Latin for fracture, refers both to the breaking of the ice and to the increasingly fragile sound quality.

Piece for String Quartet and Electronics

Recording and production of the world premiere of my composition "Stück für Streichquartett und Elektronik". 


Recursive processes play an essential role in this composition. Not only were they part of the composition process, they are also exemplarily demonstrated to the audience. Sections are recorded, granularly alienated and then mixed back in at precisely the right time, gradually creating the overall picture of the piece. 



Violin I: Klara Ottersbach 

Violin II: Yuri Jang

Viola: Adela Evers 

Violoncello: Alexander Fijolek 

Artistic direction & sound direction: Robin Wächtershäuser 

Atmós for Orchestra

Recording of the world premiere of the piece "Atmós" for orchestra by Robin Wächtershäuser (composition class Hon. Prof. Claus Kühnl, Dr. Hoch's Konservatorium Frankfurt am Main).


The work was written by Robin Wächtershäuser in 2017/2018 and premiered by the orchestra of Dr. Hoch's Konservatorium in Frankfurt am Main on 16.11.2018 under the direction of Matthias S. Krüger.


Programme text:

Atmós (Ancient Greek: ἀτμός atmós, German: 'haze').

Dark clouds, a black haze, driven by a silent storm, chase over the pitch-black silhouette of the edge of the forest, which is barely visible and unreal in contrast to the night sky, minimally illuminated by the distant city. The world seems to stand still. And yet it seems as if all the time in the universe is passing by at once.

Robin Wächtershäuser


Klavierquartette Nr. I & Nr. II

Recording of the world premiere of the revised Piano Quartet No. I entitled "Passione" by Robin Wächtershäuser (composition class Hon. Prof. Claus Kühnl, Dr. Hoch's Konservatorium Frankfurt am Main). The piece was composed in 2014, revised in 2017 and premiered under the direction of the composer and the supervision of Claus Kühnl on 22 December 2017 at Dr. Hoch's Konservatorium. The performers were Charlotte Glöckner (grand piano), Tamara Cormarkovic (violin), Andres Hancke (violoncello), Josef Dzhakh-Dzhakh (flute) & Robin Wächtershäuser (musical director).


Programme text:

My quartet "Passione" for flute, violin, violoncello and piano, laid the foundation for my work to date in 2014. At that time, I still had a more romantic sound ideal in mind, but I tried to combine this with the idea of unstable, short and also quiet moments, whereby the latter has developed and consolidated more and more in my compositions to date. 

In "Passione", fragile sounds combined with expressive and expressive moments acoustically draw the intimate facets of passion, arranged around the central accord de la résonance.


The second piano quartet by Robin Wächtershäuser (composition class Hon. Prof. Claus Kühnl, Dr. Hoch's Konservatorium Frankfurt am Main)entitled "Attimi" was composed in 2016/2017 as a kind of sequel to Piano Quartet No. I "Passione". On 27.4.2018 it was recorded by the composer's direction. The performers were again Charlotte Glöckner (grand piano), Tamara Cormarkovic (violin), Andres Hancke (cello) and Josef Dzhakh-Dzhakh (flute).



In "Attimi" many moments stand side by side. It has the same instrumentation as "Passione", since it was conceived as a kind of continuation. In addition to the instrumentation, I have also chosen elements of silence, fragility and diffuse sounds over tangible, loud and expressive moments as themes here.


A Floating City From A Parallel Universe

A Floating City From A Parallel Universe


"When I started thinking about the composition for viola & bass clarinet half a year ago, there were articles circulating on the internet about sightings of a floating city that was supposed to have appeared over China. The phenomenon looked like a cloud formation, but was very detailed. Naturally, all sorts of theories were developed about it. Was it a projection, a cloud formation, the photo a fake (although many people supposedly observed it)? Was perhaps the whole article fake or was it actually a city from a parallel universe? Whatever the case, the images and the imagination appealed to me and an acoustic scene began to form in my head analogous to the visual scene. From this idea I developed the structure and the sound selection for the piece, as well as the sound character: the unstable, intangible and diffuse manifestation of an alien city out of the clouds. 

A floating city from a parallel universe is the result of an acoustic drawing of this imagination." - Robin Wächtershäuser


World premiere: 

9 June 2017, KunstKulturKirche Allerheiligen Frankfurt


Johanna Maurer (viola) & Markus Hoßner (bass clarinet)


All Rights: Robin Wächtershäuser