Film music


Customised film music for your videos. 

Whether it's a trailer, jingle, commercial, image or feature film:

Music is an indispensable factor and carrier of emotion when it comes to expressive and professional films. 




It is an incredibly powerful tool - used correctly, it draws us deep into the action, makes our pulse beat faster, makes us cry and makes us laugh.  

Here you get handmade film music at the highest level especially for your product. 

I not only take care of the planning and composition, but also the production and the final mix & master.


In the end, everything is perfectly tailored to your product.


Custom Made Music - Reliable, Fast, Professional. And absolutely unique.  



Orchestral film music, pop songs, sound design or rock albums - without a proper production, music can rarely unfold its full potential and convince sonically.  


Through my many years of experience in all these areas, I want to raise your product to the next level with you. 

Whether it's mixing multi-tracked soundtracks, punchy production and post production of rock and metal, or programming and sound design for the latest 80s pop song.


Anyone can claim that, of course - so you'd best see for yourself and if you like what you hear, feel free to drop me a line.   


Are you interested in composition? Perhaps you already have your own ideas and would like to know how to proceed or notate them?

Would you like to learn how film musicians work and how the realisation of music actually works? 

Are you or your child thinking of taking up composition studies and want to prepare yourself? 

Or perhaps you would like to learn a little more about contemporary art music and its history so that you can shine at the next party?

You want to learn how synthesizers actually work and how electronic sounds are created?

We can work all this out together and I am happy to support you with my knowledge.

Because creating music and understanding it better is a wonderful thing - whether young or old. 


Composition lessons usually take place as private lessons in order to be able to respond to the pieces individually.


But lectures and courses are also a good introduction to the world of composition and music - whether it's about the physics behind the sounds, the history of so-called "new music" or producing beats. 


With my Bachelor's and Master's degree in composition with a focus on pedagogy and my many years of experience in both practical and teaching capacities, I can guarantee sound and professional teaching. 


If I have now aroused your interest - do not hesitate and write to me directly!