Hi, I'm Robin. Nice that you have found your way to me and would like to find out a bit more about me.

After studying contemporary composition and working for many years as a freelance composer and producer of film and advertising music, I also discovered more and more photography for myself. 

I have found a great passion in capturing moments and freezing them in time and I am happy to be able to do this in my own projects and visions as well as for other people. 

I love nature, the wideness of the sea, the roughness of the mountains and getting to know new cultures. I shoot mostly digitally, but my heart beats for film photography. 

My aim is to take high quality and professional images, but with an artistic aspect and not too polished. I shoot almost exclusively with available light and try to avoid large lighting setups. An open and friendly atmosphere is very important to me and I try to work very closely with my customers.  

I am primarily available for enquiries in Germany, but also throughout Europe, and it is a matter close to my heart to find the perfect solution with you. 


I love traveling and it's one of my favourite things. So I will gladly pack my bags for your wedding or event.